Automatic Webbrowser  Synchronize folders  DatabaseToWord
Automatic Webbrowser V 1.1

Powerful program for automatic increase/decrease of numbers inside your url.
  • Automatic url change
  • Automatic increase/decrease
    of url numbers
  • All url's are encrypted
  • Two numbers in url can be changed
  • Use a timer for the update or
    just click a button
  • Password protected
  • 1-Day Trial 
  • Usage: picture viewer, automatic reading

Automatic Webbrowser  Synchronize folders  DatabaseToWord
Synchronize folders V 1.3

Easy program to synchronize your file folders. Two folders are compared and updated, vice versa. 
  • Synchronize multiple folders
  • Target and source are compared
  • Newer files are copied
  • Directories are automatically created
  • Hides in system tray
  • 1-Day Trial 
  • On a specific time folders are synchronized

Automatic Webbrowser  Synchronize folders  DatabaseToWord
DatabaseToWord V 1.1

Program to convert your database records into seperate Word Documents. 
  • Connect to any database
  • Place all of your fields into Word document
  • Access through a complete table or through a query
  • For each record a search/replace will be conducted 
  • Each record will create a new  Word Document with the contents of your database
  • Automatically send an email with the created Word document
  • Create multiple projects
  • Usage: document generation 
  • 1-Day Trial